Two Blended Family Announcements

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Blended Family Weddings

If you’re a blended family preparing to get married, I’d like to share a new online magazine with you: Bridebird. It launched today, and I contributed an article on…blended family weddings! (Big shocker, eh?) The magazine offers concrete, common-sense inspiration in the form of curated, well-written content. In other words, it’s not just about pretty pictures. This site has more depth. My good friend Anna Powers is the editor-in-chief and founder and I’m really excited to work with her on the project.

Blended Family Finances

I’ve been contributing to Dimespring for almost six months as a monthly personal finances columnist. My latest article went up today, and I hope you will find time to read it along with the other pieces on blended family finances.

On another note, for those of you who are DADS and have been waiting for another article from Todd, there’s one in the works that will post this weekend. Stay tuned!