Three Learning Apps Your Children Need

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It’s quickly becoming an electronic world, and our children are using smartphones and tablets and computers for all sorts of entertainment. Instead of letting them play mindless games like Candy Crush for hours on end, why not utilize technology to help your child learn? These three learning apps are ones that your children definitely need to enjoy learning and have some fun!

Learning Apps Your Children Need

Let’s Do the Math

This Android app is perfect for children 6 and up, and allows them to practice addition and subtraction until they’re fast as a calculator. It focuses on entertaining children as well as educating them, and will allow them to enjoy learning. They can utilize their skills in addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, comparisons and word problems, and play with multiple gametypes. The app is free, and should help provide hours of entertainment for your child. It is solely about math, however, and should be combined with another app or two to help round out its benefits for the child.

Alchemy- Genetics

A scientific app for the curious child, this app is perfect for them to learn a little about genetics. It’s also quite fun to see how many crazy combinations you can come up with! This app is free for Android, and is perfect for those who are 5 and up. In this app, you start off with four animals, which you can combine to share genetics, and get a new animal from the combination. It’s a great way to explain how someone’s DNA can make them different from another person, and can help them become creative in their attempt to make over 300 different creatures.

iTooch Elementary School

This app is actually made with the National Common Core Standards as their guidelines, and is perfect for children from age 7 to 11. This app is built to help children explore science, math, and language arts, helping them to expand their knowledge to new heights. They offer more than 18,000 activities for them to choose from, and focuses on preparing them for tests as well. Each activity has a practice mode and a test mode, and will help them challenge themselves into getting better tests. This is the perfect app for those with testing anxiety, or those who aren’t good with timed tests. It is available for free in the iTunes Store, and might even be good for children outside the suggested age range!

No matter how old your child is, there are always apps out there to help them learn something new. It might seem confusing to find the right app, or to find something to entertain your child, but most of the apps offered are free, and are great to at least try out. If it’s going to help your child learn something while hanging out on the couch, isn’t it worth the few extra minutes? All it takes is a few clicks to download some free educational apps, and one conversation can help you find out which ones your child favors. Over time, they might start seeking out educational apps on their own!