Fitness Tips for Busy Blended Family Moms

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blended family fitnessSchool is out and our schedule changes week to week and even day to day. It’s fair to say summer takes me totally off my regular schedule. There’s a part of me that loves that, but it’s harder to carve out my workout schedule and control my diet. I get more time with the kids–both mine and Todd’s–and I find that most of my time is spent doing fun stuff as a family. Sometimes it’s hard to know where I’ll be at meal time, due to the various activities with the kids; or when I’ll go to the gym. Also, it’s not just about my personal fitness. Nurturing a healthy lifestyle for all of our kids is a priority in our family.

Two ideas I’ve begun to incorporate this summer are:
(1) Jog or walk in the shallow end of the pool. My kids love to swim, but we don’t have a lap pool at home–it’s an old-school geometric swimming pool. I can keep an eye on the kids and get exercise by walking in the pool for 30 minutes. Sometimes the kids hang on me while I walk, which is even better. Their weight plus the resistance of the water makes this a true workout!
(2) Evening bike rides. We live in Florida where it is so hot in the summer. The kids love to ride their bikes, so when the sun starts to set and it’s a little cooler, we go for a family bike ride. Because our youngest is 4-years-old, we aren’t biking fast and it’s not a truly challenging workout, but it is exercise, and it does burn calories.
I asked Registered Dietician LeeAnn Weintraub for more suggestions on how to make summer healthy. She didn’t just respond in writing–she made us a video. Thanks LeeAnn!
I’ve added Lee Ann to my roster of health advocates that I follow on Twitter, alongside Shape, Health, and  others. You should, too!
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  1. Donna Martin

    July 12, 2013 at 4:08 pm

    Exercise helps me relieve stress, makes me feel good about myself.. I do squats and calf raises, alternating between the two for reps. Abs can be given a little workout while I’m sitting at my desk